Dance Curriculum
The following is a list of the most common dances taught by us. We do, however, teach several additional dances and we will be happy to discuss your particular interests. Contact us for more details.

The Evergreens
•    Foxtrot
•    Quickstep
•    Waltz

The More Challenging Favourites
•    Viennese Waltz
•    Ballroom Tango
•    Argentine Tango

Latin American
•    Jive/Rock 'n Roll
•    Cha Cha Cha
•    Samba
•    Rumba
•    Salsa
•    Merengue
•    Mambo
•    Paso Doble

You may enroll for any of the following programmes:

I. Regular Programmes

Individual Classes:
A course of ten half-hour lessons.
Group of Two Individuals:
A course of ten half-hour lessons.

Group of Four or More Individuals:
A course of ten one-hour lessons.

Our Teaching Programme:
This initial ten-lesson course covers the standard steps of any three dances of your choice. Each lesson is customized to meet your needs, using our teaching techniques tried and tested for over 50 years.

As you continue to take additional courses, our teachers evaluate your progress and help you to move to more advanced levels.  Students are also encouraged to add new dances to their repertoire.  Our aim is to make every student at J. J. Rodriguez Cours de Danse a confident, versatile dancer.  

When teaching, our emphasis is on maintaining the authenticity of each dance form.  We focus on the correct technique stipulated by International Dance Standards.  Students are taught to study the music, beat and timing before they step on to the floor.  They are instructed on the correct footwork, hold, body alignment, deportment, shoulder movements, sways, rise and fall – all of which are essential to help the student acquire free flowing movements, elegance and grace.  

II. Customized Programmes

Wedding Dance Programme:
Make your wedding day the most memorable day of your life. Acquire an aura of grace and elegance through our Wedding Dance Programme. We can choreograph a whole dance sequence to help you acquire the joy of togetherness in those magic moments – your first dance.
Our programme also covers formation dances to include the entire bridal entourage.

Holiday Programme:
Going on a cruise? Taking a vacation? Make dancing an essential part of your plans. Our dance programme will be an exciting fun-filled experience for you.

School Holiday Programme:
We can help children discover their hidden potential and grow into graceful dancers. For special occasions like Teacher’s Day, we can choreograph a dance sequence for a group of dancers performing on stage. 

Corporate Programme:
Special Dance Programmes designed to train executives in an art form which would enable them to interact with confidence in diverse social settings both in India and overseas. These classes offer exercise and stress management through music and dance. The programme is designed to lend a new dimension to the personality of your employees. Classes can be held at your location or at our fully equipped studio.

Hotel Programme:
Hotels offering holiday packages can cash in on the benefits of inviting us to teach guests. Fees will be based on the type of programme designed for your needs.