J. J. Rodriguez Cours de Danse has the finest facilities to help you take the right steps towards becoming an attractive and accomplished dancer. Our facilities include:

•    A large, fully air conditioned studio with a parquette wood dance floor
•    Large mirrors to help you check your deportment and style
•    State of the art audio system with the best music to bring out the rhythm within you

Personalized Training on a One-to-One Basis
At our school we offer you individual training. We believe that each person has a unique personality with different strengths, weaknesses, and ways of understanding and learning.  Our job is to discover your needs and, with our extensive experience, guide you to find joy as you express your individuality in dancing.  

You can enroll as an individual or with your partner or with a group of friends.  Sometimes, you may want to make it a family affair and learn together.  Whatever the case may be, the studio is reserved exclusively for you during your class.